New Campus

Traffic Plan

For students arriving by bicycling or walking, we will have crossing guards at the intersection of Mill Station Road/Hwy 116 and Danmar/Hwy 116 (to prevent jaywalking across the highway until the crosswalk is installed).

If you bring your child by car, please note that the ONLY place to drop-off /pick-up is through the school’s driveway from Hwy 116. NEVER drop off your child on Hurlbut Avenue or at any other location except the school’s designated drop-off zones. Unless you live on Hurlbut Avenue, East Hurlbut, Apple Blossom Lane or Joyce Drive, it is ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED to use those roads or any other neighborhood streets to bring your child to school.

There is NO access provided or permitted from Hurlbut Avenue or Apple Blossom Lane. There is, however, access to the school from the West County Trail if your student is arriving on bike or foot from the bike path.

Sonoma County Transit bus routes 20 and 24 have stops near the school’s driveway. Please consider this option!

When you drive through the school’s driveway from Hwy 116, please note that cars must stop before crossing the bike path. Trail users always have the right-of-way.
For students in Kindergarten through 2nd grade, we request that parents park (if arriving by car) and walk their children to their classroom. For students in grades 3-8, it’s fine to be dropped off, but please review the following diagram for the proper protocol.

Please note that LOOP 1 is only for parking and carpool drop-off. Also, please notice that there are 5 parking spaces reserved for trail users (another requirement of the county). Parents of students in grades K-2 are welcome to park in the LOOP 1 section of our parking lot and walk through the field to the classrooms.  Please note, however, that Phase 1 of our contruction does not include a proper path through that field.

Please note that when you drop-off and pick-up through LOOP 2 that there are two lanes on the north driveway. Similar to the downtown campus arrangement, one lane is meant for cars to drop-off / pick-up and the other lane is for cars leaving (similar to the airport).  If there is not space available in the drop-off zone, you must continue driving, making the circuit again until you are able to pull into the drop-off lane.   Please do not use both lanes for drop-off / pick-up. Please use caution when backing out of a parking spot. The maximum allowed speed on the driveway and the parking lot is 10 m.p.h.

Let’s be safe, smart and courteous! We know that families have busy schedules and places to go, but we don’t want any accidents or “road rage” situations. We also need our school community to always be respectful of our new neighbors.  Demonstrating our ability to recognize and accommodate their traffic concerns was and will continue to be a significant condition to the County’s approval of our new campus.  Please remember to review and follow the rules in the Traffic and Safety Guidelines.


A new crosswalk with pedestrian-activated warning lights is planned for the intersection of SR 116 and Danmar Drive near the Community Church, but will not be ready for the start of school in September 2018. Until the new crosswalk is installed, no students shall cross SR 116 (Gravenstein Highway) at Danmar Drive. All students or parents walking or bicycling to and from school to the neighborhoods west of SR 116 and south of Mill Station Road must cross SR 116 at the traffic signal at the intersection of SR 116 and Hurlbut Avenue and use the existing sidewalk on the east side of SR 116 from Hurlbut Avenue to Mill Station Road. PLEASE DIRECT YOUR STUDENTS TO FOLLOW THIS RULE.

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