Forms and Publications

Attendance: You must call your teacher on their voicemail line, 707-824-9700 + their 3-digit extension, by 8am to report your child's absence each day your child is absent. If you do not notify by 8am, the absence will be marked unexcused, even if your child is ill. You do not need to notify the office unless your child has any contagious childhood diseases, such as chicken pox, measles, or something like head lice, so we can take proper precautionary measures.

Lunch Program  : Sebastopol Charter School is pleased to announce our new School Lunch Program. See the Lunch Program page for more details and to register.

Classroom Volunteer/Field Trips


Request Forms

  • High School Shadowing Form

    Please use this form if your 8th grade child will be shadowing at a local high school. The form is due to the office the day after the student returns to school. Shadowing without proper completion of this form, or returned after the due date, will result in an Absence for your child. 

  • Independent Study Request Form

    Independent Study forms need to be submitted 5 school days in advance of the intended absence. Fill in page one information only, please do not sign the form until you have received approval from our director and your assignment from the teacher. Please note that all Independent Study requests are granted and all work is due within 5 school days of returning to school.

Accountability Reports

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