Kindergarten Checklist

  • Attend the Open House and Curriculum Presentation on February 2nd at 6:30pm at the downtown campus, 200 S. Main Street at Burnett Street (adults only).
  • Attend one of the two Kindergarten Orientation Meetings on February 7th in the Sunflower Kindergarten or March 6th at 7pm in the Rainbow Kindergarten, 7905 Valentine Ave. This meeting is absolutely essential for all applicants. Adults only.  
  • If you'd like to attend an Enrollment Tour call the school office at 707-824-9700 to sign up*.
  • Obtain and turn in completed Enrollment Lottery Application by the lottery deadline of March 9th, 4pm, in order to be considered in the lottery*.
  • Respond to an offer of a place in a class within five (5) calendar days of postmarked lottery result notice.
  • Return all enrollment forms by the date requested.
  • Parent(s) and child meet with teacher, make an appointment as requested in your enrollment letter.
  • Make an appointment to meet with the Executive Director as requested in your enrollment letter.

* Dates and forms can be found under our Enrollment tab.