After Care at Sebastopol Charter for 2018-19

Sebastopol Charter School is happy to announce the start of its very own after-care program!

Our program is designed to not only foster academic growth, but also social, emotional, and individual growth in all of our students. The time spent in after-care is not an extension of the school day, it is instead a time for students to recharge and learn in a relaxed and nurturing environment. Students will have access to academic assistance from qualified staff, as well as time for self-directed play, to promoteconnections to others in a positive way, and stimulate creative thinking and exploration. It is the goal of our program to provide a familiar place where students feel safe, empowered, and eager to learn.

Our program is open to all students beginning at the end of each school day until 5:30pm. Kindergarten will have a special program beginning at 12:30, and ending at 3:00 which will take place in the kindergarten classroom. Although it is recommended that our kindergarten students be picked up at 3:00pm, students needing longer after school care may attend the later program until 5:30. Each day our program will follow a routine in which we will provide a healthy snack, a quiet time for homework or other calm activities, arts and crafts projects, and free-play time for all of our students.

The after-care program will be coordinated by Sophia Wiebe, the current 2nd grade assistant. Sophia decided she wanted to work with children at a young age. After ten years of Waldorf education at the Sebastopol Charter School, Sophia went on to attend Santa Rosa Junior College, and ended with her B.A. in Liberal Studies from Sonoma State University. She has plans to get her teaching credential and Waldorf teaching training in the near future.

Further information and pricing for the after-care program will be available soon. If you have any questions please email Sophia at