The Sebastopol Charter School is a leader in public, Waldorf-inspired education. With an incredibly stable and strong program, Sebastopol Charter is one of the oldest public schools teaching a Waldorf curriculum in the country. All our class teachers have been Waldorf trained, our subject program is rich, and 100% of our parents donate to our school. Every year, families move from out of state to attend our school. Perhaps it is the right place for you too.

First Grade Teacher Position

Join our committed Waldorf-trained faculty as a First Grade Class Teacher in 2018-2019

Sebastopol Charter School is a K-8 charter school with experienced, Waldorf-trained teachers and a commitment to offering a Waldorf curriculum with integrity. Our parent body is incredibly committed to Waldorf education and works hard to support the faculty and school. Sebastopol Charter was the first charter school to provide Waldorf education in the San Francisco Bay Area 20 years ago. We have purchased a new 20-acre campus with a 10-acre biodynamic farm and we look forward to moving in 2018.

We are financially stable and offer a full Waldorf curriculum of strong subject classes. Our school has about 300 students with many of the classes having 32 students. Currently, every class has a waiting list. We place a high value in bringing Steiner’s picture of child development.

We are located in the small city of Sebastopol, in beautiful Sonoma County, 25 minutes from the spectacular Northern California coast and an hour from San Francisco and Berkeley. The ocean breezes tend to keep the summers cool, and the winters mild. Luther Burbank, a botanist, called it “nature’s chosen spot of all the Earth.” Numerous K-8 plus two Waldorf high schools, private and public, populate the area, making Sonoma County “Waldorf Mecca.” You won’t find a better spot to raise a family, connect with colleagues, fulfill your professional development goals, and hone your craft.

Qualified applicants will have a Waldorf Teacher Training Certificate and a current California multiple subjects teaching credential. Waldorf trained and experienced teachers will be considered if willing to pursue a state credential. Successful previous teaching experience is essential. We offer a very competitive compensation package.

Please send your resume, cover letter and 3 reference letters (with contact information) to Chris Topham, Executive Director, ctopham@sebastopolcharter.org.

Sebastopol Independent Charter School (SICS) Class Teacher
Expected Compensation Package for 2017-2018

Base Salary:* $46,925
Waldorf Training: $4,000
Waldorf Experience: $750 per year of previous experience
Non-Waldorf Experience: $500 per year of previous experience
Advanced Degree: $1,000 (Master’s Degree, PhD, EdD)
SICS Experience: $250 per year (combined with Waldorf experience, we give $1,000 per year of experience at our school).
Example: A teacher with 11 years of previous Waldorf teaching experience and Master’s Degree would have an expected starting salary of $60,175.
Another example: A teacher described with above experience prior to teaching at SICS and having taught at SICS for 10 years would have a salary of $70,175.
Health Insurance: School contributes $1,000 per month towards one of three choices of health insurance plans available through the school.
Dental Insurance: Included at no extra cost for the whole family.
Retirement: Credentialed teachers are part of the California State Teachers Retirement System, also known as Cal STRS.
*Base salary for 2018-2019 expected to increase by at least 3% from the current base salary of $45,558